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Clinical Evaluation Instruments

Content Validated QSEN-Based Clinical Evaluation Instruments

Evaluation of clinical performance is a high stakes assessment, and as such requires valid and reliable instruments. Content validation has been established for the QSEN Based Clinical Evaluation instruments made available on this page using the content validity index. This builds on previous work published in Nurse Educator in January 2017 that established content validation for a QSEN based clinical evaluation.

These evaluations are designed for clinical courses where grades are assigned. They can be easily adapted for programs where clinical performance is scored as pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

Using the QSEN competencies to structure clinical performance evaluation provides a clear and organized framework for objective analysis of student performance in the clinical setting. It allows students to clearly identify the expectation for competence and understand individual strengths and weaknesses.

The table reports statistics for the instruments (scale content validity using universal agreement and using average agreement). Above .80 is considered excellent. The instruments demonstrate progression with higher level expectations in later courses.

Scale-level content validity using universal agreement method and average method.

Scale-level content validity using universal agreement method and average method.

Clinical Course Evaluation # of Items S-CVI-U/A S-CVI-Ave
Fundamentals of Nursing 39 .948 .992
Child-bearing Family Nursing 38 .940 .986
Psychiatric Nursing 42 .857 .975
Pediatric Nursing 40 .925 .985
Medical-Surgical 1 – Chronic Illness 42 .833 .968
Medical-Surgical 2- Acute Illness 43* .88 .979
Community Health Nursing 42 .952 .990
Graduate Nurse Practitioner 34 .970 .995

*Item added post-study: Medication Reconciliation requirement