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Just Culture Assessment Tool-Nursing Education JCAT-NE

Just Culture Assessment Tool- Nursing Education (JCAT-NE)

The Just Culture Assessment Tool is a valid and reliable instrument developed to measure just culture within nursing academia. This 27-item, Likert scale instrument measures 6 concepts reflective of just culture; Feedback and Communication About Events, Openness and Communication, Fairness/ Balance, Quality of the Safety Related Reporting Event, Continuous Improvement Process, and Fair Reporting.

Publication describing the development and validation of the JCAT-NE

 Nurse Educator, 44(5), 261-264. Free download:

Development and Validation of the Just Culture Assessment Tool for Nursing Education

Walker, D., Altmiller, G., Barkell, N., Hromodik, L., Toothaker, R. (2019). Development

    and validation of the just culture assessment tool for nursing education (JCAT-NE). 

Nurse Educator, 44(5), 261-264.

Walker, D., Hromodik, L., Altmiller, G., Barkell, N., & Toothaker, R. (2021). Exploratory factor analysis of the just culture assessment tool for nursing education. Journal of Research in Nursing, 26(1-2), 49-59.

Publication Describing nursing students’ perceptions of just culture in nursing education

Nurse Educator, 45(3), 133-138. Free download:

Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Just Culture in Nursing Programs: A Multisite Study

Walker, D., Altmiller, G., Hromadik, l., Barkell, N., Barker, N., Boyd, T… Wallace, S. 

(2020). Nursing students’ perception of just culture within nursing programs: A

multisite study. Nurse Educator, 45(3), 133-138. Link to Publication in Nurse Educator

 Just Culture Assessment Tool- Nursing Education (JCAT-NE)

Download the  JCAT-NE Instrument